Agile AUS

    Delivering ValueTogether

    The Agile Australia Conference unites curious minds passionate about better ways of working. Join us as we explore the art of working smarter not harder as teams and organisations, to Deliver Value Together.

    Over two jam-packed days, you will learn about the importance of human interactions in delivering value; gain insights from experienced leaders about new frameworks, tools and practices to take back to your workplace; and spark unexpected connections with your peers from across the land!

    Over two content-laden days at AgileAus24, you will have the opportunity to hear mind-stretching sessions from show-stopping keynotes and bright local minds – and connect with the curious group of passionate individuals who make up the Australian Agile community.

    Expect to walk away inspired and armed with new tools and ideas to help you, your team and your organisation work better!

    And for those wanting to hone in even deeper, you may also like to consider an optional add-on Workshop Day in Melbourne at the bookend of the main event.

    Event Details
    Event Details