Agile in the City

    Agile in the City: Bristol returns in November 2024 for its sixth year.

    Our conference focuses on agile and lean approaches that boost agility, creativity, effectiveness, efficiency, and collaboration. We offer a program covering topics such as Product Leadership, User-Centered Design, Agile Leadership, DevOps, Transformation, Coaching, Testing, Strategy, Organization Design, and Culture. 

    The event provides an immersive experience with inspiring keynotes, engaging sessions, and interactive workshops, all hosted in the beautiful city of Bristol.

    We’re committed to inclusivity and creating a safe space for everyone to learn and enjoy.

    What to Expect

    Our curated event experience includes a mixture of inspiring keynotes, engaging live sessions, interactive workshops, and speaker Q&As. It’s an ideal setting to meet and share experiences with fellow practitioners and leading experts.

    Our programme is put together by experienced practitioners familiar with the challenges and opportunities of product and service development in leading organisations. We provide content that inspires, from seasoned practitioners to people exploring and starting out.

    Event Details
    Event Details