Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo

    Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2024 is a 13th annual Regional Gathering held in Tokyo, organized by a non profit organization “Scrum Tokyo”. Our purpose is to provide a “Ba” (place) where practitioners share ideas among Scrum practitioners having a great diversity.


    Great keynote speakers will be on stage again this year. Also, we are open to new speakers. Many session proposals are received from both Japan and overseas, and superb sessions are selected from them.


    The pleasure of RSGT goes beyond listening to sessions and attending workshops or OST. There must be various opportunities in the corridor of the venue, foyers, or even nearby cafes. Please find your own fun.

    Coaches clinic

    The experienced Agile Coaches recruited from our conference speakers and organisers will be ready to advise or answer your questions. Participants can just come and sign up for the free 15 minutes coaching session.

    Event Details
    Event Details