From € 495
    03 Dec 24
    03 Dec 24
    Scrum Day Europe is a great and lively journey for and by the Agile community and friends of Scrum.
    07 Nov 24
    07 Nov 24
    This conference is an original conference and that means that you will see original, never seen before workshops and presentations about agility.
    From € 999
    05 Nov 24
    06 Nov 24
    Celebrate a decade of excellence at the 10th Anniversary RTE Summit with an exclusive discount for attendees of this year!
    Global agile and transformation expert, acclaimed in different industries and around the world.
    Sander Dur is host of the popular podcast Mastering Agility, Professional Scrum Trainer, and Lead Agile Consultant
    Alba is a Scrum Master who likes to blend work and play. She believes making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn.
    Pragmatic Agilist with a focus on people and products.
    Courageously curious and creative, I connect people with each other (the content will come next) in organizational transformations
    Evelien is an experienced Agile Trainer, a Professional Scrum Trainer at and certified Trainer from the Back of the Room.

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