Professional Scrum Trainer and podcast host Mastering Agility
    Sander Dur is host of the popular podcast Mastering Agility, Professional Scrum Trainer, and Lead Agile Consultant
    Outcome based coach | Professional Scrum Master
    Agile Consulting
    Join me, as yourAgile leadership speaker, as I unravel the secrets of innovation and teamwork starting from within you.
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    Agile Coach - Delivery Lead - Scrum Master - Workshop Facilitator & Designer - Speaker
    Agile leader, SAFe® 5 Scrum Master, ICP-ACC Coach. Passionate about building happy teams, innovation and agility!
    Agile Coach
    Agile Coach & Scrum Master: Expert in Career Growth & Boosting Value Delivery
    Leadership Development and Coach
    Attitude Partnership
    He is very passionate about organizational and leadership growth and coaching. He is focused on the present whiling envision future.
    Scrum Master / Facilitator / Coach
    Pragmatic Agilist with a focus on people and products.
    Human Connector
    Mobilee Management & Consultancy
    Courageously curious and creative, I connect people with each other in organizational transformations
    Professional Knowledge Sharer
    Xebia Academy
    Evelien is an experienced Agile Trainer, a Professional Scrum Trainer at and certified Trainer from the Back of the Room.

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