Nicole Swanepoel

    Meet Nicole, an authentic and empathetic Agile Delivery Lead, certified SAFe® 5 Scrum Master, and ICP-ACC Agile Coach with a passion for facilitating positive change. With a focus on honesty and impact, Nicole is dedicated to empowering companies to deliver value-added products to their end users.

    Experienced in various agile methodologies, Nicole stands out as a versatile professional. She brings a unique blend of skills to the table, including expertise in Design Thinking, Workshop Facilitation, Workshop Design, Agile Coaching, and the art of building high-functioning, happy, and fulfilled teams.

    Nicole’s commitment to personal and professional growth is evident in her mission: to create and lead highly-functioning, self-organizing teams. Her goal is to foster a workplace where every individual contributes their intrinsic genius and leadership, resulting in outstanding value-added products and teams. Nicole envisions a world where everyone operates at their full potential, feeling safe, happy, and inspired to innovate.

    Specializing in creating an atmosphere of fun and innovation, Nicole is not just a leader; she’s a catalyst for positive transformation. Join her on the journey to solve organizational problems and make a lasting impact in the agile world.

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    Speaker Details